Ralph Jones Woodworking

Welcome – Thank you for visiting Ralph Jones’ Woodworking Web Site. This site is intended to provide practical and useful woodworking information to fellow woodworkers. In addition, this site contains a few pictures of my own woodworking projects and also sketches of a few projects that I have designed.

Purpose – This web site will strive to provide relevant and useful information to beginning, intermediate and advanced woodworkers who are interested in learning more about the fundamentals and advanced skills in the art of woodworking.

Objective – The Tutorials and Tips contained in this web site are oriented towards teaching woodworking fundamental and advanced concepts along with definitions and explainations of terminologies used in woodworking and construction. The topics will discuss subjects in the following subject areas:

– Building materials

– Hand tools

– Power tools

– Using leveling instruments

– Plans, codes, and specifications

– Footings and foundations

– Construction floor framing

– Construction wall and ceiling framing

– Construction roof framing

– Using roofing materials

– Installing windows and exterior doors

– Constructing exterior wall finish

– Cabinet making and furniture restoration

Summary – It is the intent of the tutorial program to provide guidance through some of the more important facets of woodworking.