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About the web site designer – Bill Boehme

wwOccupation: Soon-to-be-retired rocket scientist. After a long career in high-tech – now ready for a much more relaxing low-tech career.
Family: My wonderful wife, Paula, and I are ready to enjoy retired life together. She recently retired as a school teacher, but now has continued to teach part time for a while longer.
Pets: Two kitties. Circles, a seventeen year old blind tabby and, Squeaky, a black and white youngster (weighing in at sixteen pounds).
Serious Hobby: Woodworking — I did less-than-fine woodworking for the greatest part of my life. I converted to fine woodworking about fifteen years ago when I discovered that the Skilsaw was not the ultimate woodworking tool. This led to acquiring some serious tools and building a real workshop.
Other Hobbies: Backpacking, fishing, flying, snow skiing, gardening, and avoiding work.
Hobby that is too close to actual work: Web page designing
Favorite Charity: National Multiple Sclerosis Society — for selfish reasons — I was diagnosed with MS in 1992.
Favorite comic strip: Dilbert
Role model: Wally (character in Dilbert comic strip)

About this web site: This web site was designed as a personal challenge to myself because I enjoy such endeavors and also to provide a communications medium for a fine Wood Online friend and fellow woodworker, Ralph Jones, so that he could provide a woodworking educational web site to serve other woodworkers. It is my hope that this web site will meet his need in achieving this objective.

The page layout and graphics were designed by Bill Boehme. The graphics were created using Adobe Photoshop®. The web pages were designed using a number of tools including HoTMetaL Pro®, Microsoft FrontPage®, and some basic text editors when the other tools could not otherwise achieve what I wanted. The descriptive text, tutorials, tips, definitions, photographic images, and drawings are the creation and property of Ralph Jones. All right reserved.