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Dresser and Mirror

This custom woodworking project was built to be used as a baby changing table to go with a crib I made until it is no longer needed for that task. Then will be used as a dresser and will still go with the crib or when the crib is converted into a bed. The dresser…

Benchtop Sander

You need a sander for home DIY or hobby reasons. Do you need a belt disc sander? Probably. A disc belt sander designed for a benchtop is a rugged and sturdy sanding machine built to last, a hard-working partner that provides plenty of machine-power and better control than hand-sanding alone, helping you achieve great results on…


Cypress Display Shelf

Made of cypress with 1/8 inch plywood shelves and a luan back this display shelf would compliment any collection. The cypress looks great with just a couple coats of satin lacquer. Corners turned out good.


Oak Coat Rack

This is a simple project. All you need is a 1x4x32″ board of what ever species of wood you prefer, four coat hooks, and (as Emril says) BAM!! You got it. Seriously, it’s that simple! See bottom of page forhHow to build a coat rack . 1. Coat rack was made with an old 3/4″…


Baby Crib

I got the idea for making this baby crib by looking at catalogs and combining some of the things I liked from a couple of them. It is made of Oak from old generator shipping pallets. All the slats are 3/4″ thick and the rails are about 1 1/4″ thick. This baby is heavy!! This…


Oak Coffee Table

Solid Oak Coffee Table was made from an old beam. This is an example of my favorite kind of woodworking projects. A that is table is custom made furniture or one of a kind. I made this rustic table to match customers rustic decor and mostly from oak pallets and old oak beams. Every inch…


Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Reclaimed wood from an old barn was used to make this farm table. A planner was used to get the heart pine boards ready to make the table top. The mortise was cut in legs that were made from cypress found at the local lumberyard. Table aprons were made using heart pine and the groove…


Oak Headboard

I made all molding in my shop. Most of the wood came from shipping pallets. Post are 4 3/4″x4 3/4″ solid oak. Flutes were done with 3/4″ radius router bit. The dental molding on post and headboard was made using a Dovetail jig I use and a 1/2″ radius bit. I started on one end of the…



When I say “chisel,” the image that pops into most woodworkers’ minds is a beveledged chisel like any of those shown in the top photo. It’s ironic that these chisels have been marketed so long as bevel-edged that most people don’t realize that these are actually firmer chisels. What’s really odd is that many woodworkers…



Chisels can be broadly classified into two groups: those designed for use with hand pressure only, and those intended to be driven by a mallet. Chisels made for hand use only may be either firmer chisels (originally called “former” chisels because they were used to form rough shapes) or paring chisels. Mallet-driven chisels are mostly…