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Oak Coat Rack

This is a simple project. All you need is a 1x4x32″ board of what ever species of wood you prefer, four coat hooks, and (as Emril says) BAM!! You got it. Seriously, it’s that simple! See bottom of page forhHow to build a coat rack .

1. Coat rack was made with an old 3/4″ oak board from a small shipping pallet. I used a roman ogee router bit on the edge

2. I drilled mounting holes on 16″ centers so screws would line up with studs.

3. Then mounted the coat hooks so they would cover the mounting holes.

4. Clean look with no plugs or dowels used to cover screws.


1x4x4′ long
4 coat hooks
2 or 3 1 1/2″ long wood screws

Free Coat Rack Plans How to Build A Coat Rack!

You can either buy a 4 foot board for one coat rack or buy a 6 foot board and get two coat racks and have less scrap left over.

  1. Cut the board 32 inches long.

2. Choose the router bit for the edge you want. I used a roman ogee bit. If you don’t own a router, use a sander or file to round over the edge.

3. Start on one end and make a mark at 4″, 12″, 20″, 28″. These marks are where the hooks will go.

4. You now need to place the coat hooks on the marks you made by centering them horizontally on the marks and by centering them top to        bottom.

5. When you are happy with the look ( see picture one), mark the mounting holes and pre drill them with a drill bit that is a little smaller in diameter than the screws that came with the coat hooks. These are the two smaller holes in picture 2.

6. Notice in picture 2 the larger hole I drilled with a counter sink bit for the screws that will mount the coat rack to the wall at every spot you have marked for the coat hooks. If you don’t have a counter sink bit then drill a hole with a drill bit that is the same diameter as the 1 1/2 inch wood screws. Then take another drill bit that is a fraction larger than the wood screw head and drill again in the same hole for the mounting screws only drill deep enough so the screws head will be slightly below the wood surface. You want the coat hook to sit flat not be held off by the mounting screw.

7. Next mount all the hooks to the board for a test fit and be careful if the screws that came with the coat hooks are brass they will easily strip. Now remove the hooks.

8. Choose your finish, let it dry, mount the board where you want it on the wall, and mount all the hooks. You are done.