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About the web site designer – Bill Boehme

Occupation: Soon-to-be-retired rocket scientist. After a long career in high-tech – now ready for a much more relaxing low-tech career. Family: My wonderful wife, Paula, and I are ready to enjoy retired life together. She recently retired as a school teacher, but now has continued to teach part time for a while longer. Pets: Two kitties. Circles, a…

Ralph Jones Woodworking Links

Here are some links to some of my favorite woodworking web sites. Welcome to my links, I hope you find these following links helpful; www.railroadmachinist.com www.woodmagazine.com www.rockler.com www.vandykes.com B&N.com www.amazon.com Will Add more later;   Woodworking Forums Personal Web Sites Woodworking Manufacturers Woodworking Suppliers and Businesses Woodworking Information

Woodworking Tutorial – Chapter 1

BUILDING  MATERIAL Many different types of building materials go into the construction of a modern residence. A carpenter should be aware of all of them since each has special properties which makes it suited for certain applications. All materials are processed so they are suited for building. Some are composites of different materials which are…

Ralph Jones Woodworking Plans

This woodworking page contains sketches and drawings of woodworking projects, fixtures, jigs, and other useful information. If you have an older browser, it may be necessary to right click the file link and then choose “Save Link As…” for Netscape or “Save Target As…” for Internet Explorer. Newer browsers should be able to download the…

About Me

My name is Ralph Jones. I began serving my apprenticeship in the family trade of woodworking on my thirteenth birthday. To date, I have 61 years of experience in the field. I worked in the Carpenters and Joiners Union for seventeen years, where I taught an apprenticeship program for five years. Following that, I taught…

Woodworking Information

Here are some of my favorite links to woodworking information sites. New Yankee Workshop The Sagulator Wood Sampler Jointer Tune-Up Information Electricity in the Woodshop Wod Miser’s Workshop Polygon Calculator South American Hardwood Information Woodworking Plans Solar Kiln Design Shellac Finishing Router Woodworking  

Personal Woodworking Sites

Here are links to some personal woodworking web sites. Workshop Demos Steve’s Place Jim Becker (Saws ‘n Dust) Bill Boehme (Scooter’s Place) Andy London (picframer) John Hebert’s Shop Bob’s Woodworking Shop Tablesaw Tom’s Tool Shop  

Woodworking Magazines and Forums

Here are to some of my favorite woodworking magazine web sites and discussion forums (or foræ). WOOD Magazine Online Fine Woodworking (Knots Forum) Woodsmith Magazine Forums Wood Central Forums