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Woodworking Information

Here are some of my favorite links to woodworking information sites. New Yankee Workshop The Sagulator Wood Sampler Jointer Tune-Up Information Electricity in the Woodshop Wod Miser’s Workshop Polygon Calculator South American Hardwood Information Woodworking Plans…

Personal Woodworking Sites

Here are links to some personal woodworking web sites. Workshop Demos Steve’s Place Jim Becker (Saws ‘n Dust) Bill Boehme (Scooter’s Place) Andy London (picframer) John Hebert’s Shop Bob’s Woodworking Shop Tablesaw Tom’s Tool Shop  

Woodworking Magazines and Forums

Here are to some of my favorite woodworking magazine web sites and discussion forums (or foræ). WOOD Magazine Online Fine Woodworking (Knots Forum) Woodsmith Magazine Forums Wood Central Forums

Woodworking Suppliers

Here are some links to woodworking suppliers and businesses. Woodworker’s Supply Rockler Hardware Van Dyke’s Restoration Hardware Highland Hardware Steve Wall Lumber Company Tool Crib (Amazon.com) McMaster-Carr Supply Company

Glossary of Woodworking Terms

—A— Air dried lumber Lumber that is usually dried outdoors, to an equilibrium moisture content with the air it was exposed to. Alternating Top Bevel with raker (ATB/R) A design for circular saw blade where four…

Woodworking Tutorial – Chapter 11

WINDOWS  AND  EXTERIOR  DOORS Windows and doors are an important part of a structure. The carpenter should; 1. Have a basic understanding  of the various types, size, and standards of construction. 2. Be able to recognise…

Woodworking Tutorial – Chapter 3

POWER TOOLS Modern power tools greatly reduce the time required to perform many of the operations in carpentry work. Heavy sawing, planing, and boring can be accomplished with far less human energy. Moreover, when proper tools…

Woodworking Tutorial – Chapter 4

USING LEVELING INSTRUMENTS Before construction of a foundation or slab a carpenter must know where the building is going to be on the building lot. There are certain set backs that must be observed and must…

Woodworking Tutorial – Chapter 2

HAND TOOLS. Hand tools are essential to every aspect of carpentry work. A great variety of tools is required because of the many functions and jobs to be accomplished with the skills of the worker. A…