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Try squares have long been a mainstay of the woodworker. We use t h e m to lay out and mark boards for joinery, and to check edges to make sure they’re truly square. A try…



I’m sure that when Alvin J. Fellows patented the steel tape measure in 1868, he didn’t expect that his invention would turn out to be one of the most useful of all tools to the woodworker….



Long before the tape measure arrived, the folding rule was used for layout and measuring. Typically made of boxwood with brass protecting the ends, the most common of these was the four-fold 2-foot rule that fit…



Block of wood A common cause of inaccuracy when using a metal rule is in measuring in from the edge of a work-piece. The problem is positioning the rule so that it’s absolutely flush with the…



If you were to ask most woodworkers what the foundation of accuracy is, they’d likely say the ruler, the tape measure, or the square. But I’ve always felt it’s the marking tools you choose. Granted, the…


Powermatic PM2000 Table Saw Review

The Powermatic PM2000 table saw is a high end cabinet style saw with several impressive features. These include a genuine riving knife, left tilting blade, built in retractable casters, a magnetic switch, solid cast iron base…


Ridgid 6″ Jointer Review

The Ridgid model JP0610 6″ Jointer is a welcome addition.  It’s small footprint and reasonable price make it the perfect choice for the small home shop.  With a 1 HP TEFC induction motor, a 6 1/8″ x 45″…


WorkSharp WS3000 Review

The WorkSharp WS3000 is a powered sharpening system that uses a horizontal spinning surface. It uses PSA sandpaper on tempered glass disks or slotted wheels as the abrasive surfaces. It has a unique angled port under…

Woodworking Tutorial – Chapter 5

   PLANS  CODES  AND  SPECIFICATIONS In Building construction, a good plan and a well defined contract are important. ” Early understandings makes for long friendships.”Every carpenter must know how to read blueprints, and understand architectual drawings…

Ralph Jones Woodworking Tutorial

Here are several tutorials on various woodworking topics. Chapter 1 – Building Materials This chapter is a tutorial on how to do identify building materials and thier uses. Chapter 2 – Hand Tools This chapter is…